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User Experience and Web Design

Website Chart
Paper Bag Mask Foundation
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This project was conducted as part of Boston University's MA in Emerging Media Studies program.


The Paper Bag Mask Foundation is driven to empower young adults who struggle with their mental health. Through their accessible classes and community outreach, they create opportunities for connection, confidence, and community. Their programming revolves around three pillars: exercise, creativity, and meditation.


Client's goals for the website:

  • Excite users about the organization and its services

  • Inform users about the mental health crisis and important resources

  • Build and present a community of participants, volunteers, and collaborators

Paper Bag Mask Foundation Homepage.png
Brand Colors

The final prototype homepage designed by the team.

User Analysis

The client's target audience:

  • Boston-based students or recent graduates

    • All genders14 to 25 years old

    • Familiar with technology, has quality standards for websites

  • Boston-based volunteers

    • Want to be helpful community members and establish meaningful connections

  • Potential collaborators, such as schools, universities, and private companies

    • Seeking authoritative, knowledgeable partners

Interviews were conducted with potential users on their experiences navigating an existing site.


These insights contributed to the following determined users' needs:

  • Concise presentation with an informational hierarchy

  • Clear content labels with actionable language

  • Visual presentation whenever possible

  • Information and resources easily accessible, without detracting from mission statement or intimidating new-to-mental-health users

  • Emphasized community aspect

Some Design Features
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