Hearst Connecticut Media

Besides doing social media across 22+ publications, I write on occasion. Mostly internet reaction round-ups, but sometimes reported articles too. My clips can be found here.

The Record Journal

My photo project, "Home in Sanctuary," was published online by Connecticut's The Record Journal on May 24, 2018. Part of a course called Documentary Photography, the project explored the experience of uprooting out of necessity and making a new home in a church. The clip can be found here.

The Boston Globe

As a co-op and editorial assistant, I worked closely with the magazine, travel, and address sections of the outlet. Mostly, my duties involved production work, such as fact-checking, social media, copyediting, etc. The clips I did can be found here.


The Berkeley Beacon

Starting as a correspondent at Emerson's award-winning student newspaper, I moved up to Deputy Arts Editor by spring of my freshman year. Future staff roles of mine include Limburg Bureau Chief, Assistant Lifestyle Editor, and finally, Arts Editor. Clips and photos from my time there are available on the paper's archives here.


Amtrak's The National

As an editorial intern, I produced a lot of miscellaneous content for the magazine. I fact-checked the entire Dec. 2018/Jan. 2019 issue found here. I also wrote a few blurbs compiled here. In their Feb./March 2019 edition, I also contributed this piece found here.